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1/4" Dolls

My daughter, Sharon Jarvis, creates these 1/4" dolls using wire, fabric, 

and a cast resin head.

To order, please describe the doll with the title and color.

If you need a doll not shown here, Sharon will be happy to create one especially for you.  You can email her at to discuss your doll with her.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger picture - use your browser's back button to return to this page.


Lady w basket.jpg (72388 bytes)

Lady with Basket

$25.00 each   


Lady w glasses.jpg (74955 bytes)

Lady with Eyeglasses

$21.00 each  


Lady shopkeeper.jpg (74361 bytes)

Lady Shopkeepers

$20.00 each  


Male Shopkeepers.jpg (72760 bytes)

Male Shopkeepers

$20.00 each   


Men in suits.jpg (99276 bytes)

Men in Suits

$20.00 each 


farmer.jpg (85954 bytes)




Little Girls.jpg (72976 bytes)

Little Girls

$15.00 each 



Boy with hoop.jpg (93941 bytes)

Boy with Hoop




Boy fishing.jpg (106965 bytes)

Boy with Fishing Pole




Boy with knapsack.jpg (92576 bytes)

Boy with Knapsack