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These whimsical structures are 1/8" scale and measure approximately 4"long  x 3" deep x 2-1/2" high.  They are cast resin and each includes a fireplace, bench, bird house, and all the landscaping.  The furniture is sold separately.

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E Full Cup Front.jpg (41103 bytes)   E Full Cup Back.jpg (50808 bytes)

Item # EFCC

1/8" Full Cup Cafe Kit


E Acorn  Front.jpg (34471 bytes)   E Acorn Back.jpg (38023 bytes)

Item # EAM

1/8" Acorn Manor Kit


E Posy Front.jpg (56545 bytes)   E Posy Back.jpg (64349 bytes)

Item # EPC

1/8" Posy Cottage Kit


   1/8" Scale Furniture

ewliving.jpg (12326 bytes)

Item # ELR

1/8" Scale Living Room Kit


Includes settee, chair, table, & coffee table

ewdining.jpg (15300 bytes)

Item # EDR

1/8" Scale Dining Room Kit


Includes table, two chairs, & hutch

Eighth Scale Posy Table & Chairs.jpg (8668 bytes)

Item # EPF

1/8" Scale Posy Furniture Kit


Includes table & two chairs