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These are very tiny structures measuring about 3/4" x 3/4". Everything in the photos is included with the kit.

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Tiny Tea Cup Grotto Kit

Item # TTCG     $5.00

Tiny Teacup Front.jpg (20865 bytes)  Tiny Teacup Back.jpg (20048 bytes)

Tiny Full Cup Cafe Kit

Item # TFCC     $5.00

Tiny Full Cup Front.jpg (22764 bytes)  Tiny Full Cup Back.jpg (20261 bytes)

Tiny Posy Cottage Kit

Item # TPC     $5.00

Tiny Posy Front.jpg (27943 bytes)  Tiny Posy Back.jpg (18779 bytes)

Tiny Acorn Manor Kit

Item # TAM     $5.00

Tiny Acorn Manor Front.jpg (19982 bytes)  Tiny Acorn Manor Back.jpg (20527 bytes)

Tiny Beekeeper's Inn Kit

Item # TBI     $5.00

Tiny Beekeeper's Inn Front.jpg (18819 bytes)  Tiny Beekeeper's Inn Back.jpg (16702 bytes)